2021. 3. 19.

The Exeevo platforms are built with Microsoft-mists,


including  우리카지노  the latest releases of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure, Teams and Cloud for Healthcare. Exeevo Omnipresence, launched in 2018, will be paired with the delivery of solutions for customer experience management (CXM) to the world's largest biopharmaceutical, medical device manufacturers and growing biotech companies. Exeevo Omnicare, launched in 2020, will be used to speed up patient care, clinical child post-dispatch trajectories. Exeevo Omnisight, launched in 2021, is built with the latest release of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, 

"The essence of life science depends on the creation of superior experiences of clients and patients, and any investigation or investigation into that operation in this area has been published, to which we can provide much more. Now we can provide more digitally. more personalization and more with the bundle of customer and patient trajectories, what is essentially so crucial for long -term results, is now really a valuable second for sales, "said Sanjay Virmani, CEO of Exeevo. "We will continue to work under the new brand Exeevo, which stands for innovation and innovation in the field of health, provided entryway life sciences organizations. It is in the middle of our new logo that it stands for action. 카지노사이트

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